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Skip The Line

Order Online

How It Works

Earn Money Back From Every Meal!

For every dollar you spend at each restaurant, an equivalent dollar amount will show up in your accounts progress bar.


After $99 spent at each respective restaurant, a $9 credit will be applied to your next purchase.


Free, Easy, and Essential

It's free to order, so save time waiting in lines by ordering ahead and online.

Find Favorites and Discover New Ones

Download our app and browse restaurants in your area to get the best of your neighborhood in the palm of your hands.




Our Story

Founded in 2017 by students who understand the hardships of rising food costs and limited time. In response, we set out to give the power back to the customers by partnering with restaurants that allow customers to earn money the more they eat.


We also saw the need to get food quickly in between classes and those with busy schedules.


With this being said, our app not only lets you earn money but also lets you skip the lines by ordering ahead and having it ready, fresh and on time. 

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